COVID-19 is a serious public health concern in our community. It is anticipated that cases will become widespread in Santa Clara County in the near future.

Here are ways that you can limit the spread of virus:

1. WASH YOUR HANDS!! 20 seconds with soap and water, or sanitizer.

2. Avoid crowded spaces, particularly indoors. Movie theaters, airplanes, etc.

3. Cover your cough and sneeze. Practice the “Vampire” technique.

4. If you are sick, STAY HOME unless you need urgent medical care.

What are steps you can take to prevent more serious complications?

1. If you have lung disease, stay on your inhalers and try to optimize management.

2. Seek care at the Emergency Room if you have severe respiratory symptoms

3. Eat a good diet and get enough sleep

4. Practice the hygeine steps listed above!

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