Ria B.

Dr. Zhang is warm, caring, optimistic and very thorough. I receive excellent care and insights from her at every visit. Thank you!

Gloria C.

I have been an asthma sufferer for decades. I’ve tried all the medications/inhalers etc but nothing was easing my more frequent flare ups. I was desperate. My GP recommended Dr Kellogg. He immediately suggested I try Biologic injections. I am a new person! I rarely need to use my rescue inhaler and won’t need to take the dreaded steroids. Dr Kellogg took the time to explain my asthma problems and the preferred treatment option. The staff were super, going so far as to work with me to get approved for this drug. Thank you to all at the clinic!

Serenity C.

Dr. Zhang is the best. She took the time to actually listen to me and create a plan specific for me. I am grateful for her care.

Patricia S.

Dr Kellogg is very thorough, and explains and answers questions so a layperson can understand.

Richard W.

Excellent doctor

Douglas M.

Good. Very good

Mukesh P.

Dr. Xu was excellent! She listened to my concerns patiently, and suggested the right course of action.

Christina B.

They are very friendly and attentive. They are sensitive to the patients and parents needs. As well as informative on resouces.

Carolyn M.

Always excellent

Lara C.

Dr Kellogg took the time to explain my situation to me and next steps. It was clear he thoroughly reviewed notes from our last visit before we met. I greatly appreciated that since it had been a while since we last met. He really shows interest in wanting to help me.

Sriram M.

Dr.Xu was very patient and detail in explaining the aspects of allergies and evolution of the medications for same. I am very happy with my visit.

Mark C.

The visit was great. Appointment was late starting by 30 minutes which has happened to me in the past for an appointment late in the day (4pm)

YuBing J.

Great team and very accommodative and collaborative.

Charles N.

A deep understanding of the most current medical information provides the needed data to support the highest level of quality care.

Meredith M.

Dr. Kellogg is always very responsive in addressing my allergies and seems to truly care if I am comfortable in terms of breathing and tackling my asthma issues buy tiktok like. He remembers my history and we face my allergy challenges in an effective and efficient way season after season!

David Y.

The Doctor is very Knowledgeable and Patient

Patti G.

Dr. Kellogg is thorough and I never feel rushed. He’s a nice guy and puts you at ease. Recommend him highly!!!

Henry R.

Very caring and concerned!

Consuelo C.


Consuelo C.


Ethan C.

Dr Zhang and staff were all super welcoming, friendly and thorough.

Elsa T.

Amazing Care of Dr. Kellogg His very detailed oriented and pay attention to details caring about helping me to find what I’m allergic to.

Charles N.

Dr. Kellogg puts in the effort to find the cause of any issue, and then closely monitors the efficacy of the treatment.

Gem C.

Dr. Xu is excellent. patient and very helpful doctor, take care of my asthma in very good condition. I am very appreciated.

Gail J.

Dr Kellogg knows his stuff. Office staff is great.

Jonathan W.

Dr. Nelson is very friendly, asks good questions, and is knowledgeable. Adjusts the treatment plan based on your feedback,.

Leslie M.

Would like to learn more about the Covid vaccine. Thank you

Rotem S.

I love Dr. Kellogg and the entire staff at this office. I get allergy shots regularly. Jen is amazing and so is everyone else. Dr. Kellogg is incredibly attentive and kind.

Vladimir I.

Very professional, knowledgeable, simple, and straightforward – sensible. Thank you!

Margaret M.

Dr. Kellogg is someone who always takes the time to consider what is best for my health as well as being very knowledgable. He gives his full attention to his patients & listens carefully. I trust him to find the best approach, best solutions.

Bev B.

Dr Nelson is very informative and personable.


Worked out great

Tsing B.

clear explanation

Diana R.

Dr. Anlin Xu spends quality time with us in the appointment, providing details and explanations. She is very thorough and we are happy with the service provided at her office.

Karinn H.

The staff is very kind and accommodating. My son and I get shots weekly in Los Gatos

Janet B.


Mark F.

Dr. Kellogg has worked with me and my other Drs. for the last 4+ years to help me manage my chronic asthma. He has been easy to work with, clear in his explanations of the treatments he prescribes for me, and responsive to my needs. Highly recommend.

Patti G.

Dr. Kellogg spends a fair amount of time with me during my visits. I never feel rushed. He is kind, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him if you have allergies, asthma, or COPD.

Sylvia H.

A very pleasant and kind staff. Dr. Nelson was very thorough and offered me options for treatment. I highly recommend!

Elizabeth M.

Dr. Nelson has been very kind, patient, and extremely helpful with my infant son, and educating me, the parent. It is rare to find doctors this invested in patient care and outcomes. 100% recommend her.

Jill J.

Love Dr. Nelson! She is to the point, realistic and takes wonderful care of my little allergy sufferer. I’d recommend her to any parent with a child having allergy symptoms.

Jerry C.

Dr. Zhang was friendly and really cared for how I was doing. She also really makes an effort to minimize cost for me as I am an out of pocket patient. Thanks!

Evan L.

Very clear communication, lots of information, and feels like a partner to work with through the process of treating allergies.



Pamela C.

Dr Zhang was very kind and friendly. The staff were helpful and the office area was clean and comfortable. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience; I would return and encourage new patients to try their services.